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Now that you are moving, it’s a great idea to de-clutter and organize a yard sale. This helps you in two ways: less clutter and more money to put towards setting up your new home. Of course, you can sell online or donate, but since it’s Summer, why not have the perfect Summer yard sale? All My Sons Moving & Storage of Oklahoma City is here to tell you how to have the perfect yard sale!

Once you have picked an official moving day, you should start getting the word out about your yard sale. To draw attention to your yard sale, post, post, post! Now that so many events are created on social media, use Facebook and Instagram to get your friends, family and co-workers to your yard sale. You can also put signs around your neighborhood and post on Craigslist.

If you have kids, you can let them get involved. They can help you separate and organize items, and they can eve set up a lemonade stand to make their own extra dollars. That way you and your guests will be refreshed all day and the kids can feel like they participated too!

A good tip when having a summer yard sale is price everything as you go and even add a description to each item, if you can. This works best with clothing. Use this as a selling technique to get people’s attentions.

Once you have your yard sale, you are ready to start packing! The Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons offer the best packing services in town to ensure that your move goes smoothly and stress-free.


Whether you have just moved to or are moving to Oklahoma City, this is the perfect time to do Summer cleaning! All My Sons Moving & Storage in Oklahoma City has the best Summer cleaning tips and tricks for your new home.

Double Up on Doormats

If you don’t have a doormat on both the inside and outside of your door, you should. You’ll be able to trap most of the dirt by using the two mats, but if they’re too dirty, they won’t do their job! Hose them off and air-dry them.

Shine Your Stainless Steel

Give your stainless-steel appliances the boost they deserve! Use a microfiber cloth with a solution of 1 teaspoon dish detergent and 1 quart hot water to get rid of those fingerprints.

Clean Your Broom

Just like your doormats, your broom must be clean to do its job. You can clean the dust bunnies out of your broom by vacuuming it or swish the broom in warm soapy water.

Wash Your Whole Bed

Although you wash your linens every week, the pillows and comforter get overlooked. Take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning and clean those guys.

Clear Out Vents

The vents in your house can collect so much dust. Don’t let the dust keep circulating through your house, grab a brush with soft bristles to clean your vents.

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Celebrating spring in Oklahoma is one of the Oklahoma City movers’ favorite things to do. As the temperature begins to warm up, there is no doubt you’ll want to spend make the shift from indoors to the outdoors. Reacquaint yourself with the shiny bright sun and greenery of the earth! This year there are several OKC spring events to choose from that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors!


As one of Oklahoma City’s biggest events, visitors flocking to this festival will be able to indulge in a variety of food, art and music. The Festival of the Arts, also known as OKC’s annual rite of spring, is set in the middle of downtown with a variety of artwork on display. The festival attracts over 700,000 visitors every year. Visitors of the festival will be able to sample an assortment of culinary delicacies as well as check out pieces from the local artists. It is also family friendly for those parents looking for fun, safe OKC spring events!


The Norman Music Festival caters to everyone’s unique music tastes with a diverse selection of entertainment. From hard core rock-n-roll to indie pop, festival goers will find themselves immersed in the sounds of music at this event! Every year, over 100 bands from a variety of genres and backgrounds unite in Oklahoma City to put together an incredible show. As both an indoor and outdoor festival, you will be able to travel from location to location, enjoying a variety of music, poetry and other craft arts!


Last on our OKC spring events list is the Southwest Street Rod Nationals, which highlights restored convertibles of the early 1900’s. From the 1940s Mercedes to a 1950s Chevy convertible, vintage car loving fans in OKC can enjoy the warm weather and view custom automobiles! Visitors can browse through over 1,500 specialty vehicles and even find parts for their own projects!

Give your home a fresh makeover this season with a few spring home decorating tips, provided by your local Oklahoma City movers. Redecorating doesn’t have to break the bank. Adding a few fresh touches throughout your home can make it feel like a whole new space. Try adding a few of these recommendations this spring and feel the difference.

Adding a mini tabletop garden is a great way to add a spring feel throughout your home. As lovely as they are, the best part is that they are simple to put together and can easily be modified to fit your personal tastes. Position a small side table next to a lounge chair in your sitting room or next to your couch. Create a miniature garden by finding flowers and plants that share similar light and water needs. This will help with the upkeep and longevity of the plants. Make sure to find a variation of flowers to add an extra pop of color. Place each plant in a different type of flower pot of glass terrarium to add an extra level of depth.

The Oklahoma City movers suggest adding an accent wall or painting a room in your home with a fresh bright color. The addition of a new color will help liven up your home as well as give it a whole new vibe. For those looking for slightly easier spring home decorating tips, try adding a few accents in each room. A colorful rug or lighting fixture can completely change the look and feel of a room!

With February, halfway over, it won’t be long until Spring rolls around and you are ready to nurture your garden into full bloom. There are simple steps you can take ahead of time to prepare your garden for spring. Follow this guide from Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Clean out your flower beds

Flower beds that were dormant in winter can have rotted plants and insects. This combination can ruin your soil quality and damage your potential spring crop. The first step to prepare your garden for spring is to create a healthy base for your plans to grow. Pull out any weeds, old plants, and seeds. Keep an eye out for all weeds, because even the smallest ones can product thousands of seeds that will plague your garden.

-Clear out flowers, seeds, and weeds

-Loosen up the soil to make it more workable

-Add more fresh soil, and work fertilizer into it for nutrients


Order your summer flowers now

Bulbs planted in spring can produce a stunning summer flower display. When spring rolls around and it’s time to plant, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for a nice garden while you’re waiting for your bulbs and seeds to arrive. Oklahoma City movers recommend ordering them ahead of time for a colorful and healthy summer display. Easy summer flowering bulbs are Lilies, Ranunculus, Dahlia, Gladiolus, Calla, and begonia.

Remember: spring planted bulbs produce summer blooming flowers.

Use these tips from your Oklahoma City movers to prepare your garden from spring, and remember: If you take care of your garden now, it will pay you back later!

Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage report on Thursday, February 16, Oklahoma City residents showed their support for a national demonstration. The national protest, called “A Day Without Immigration” was aimed squarely at the latest presidential efforts to crack down on illegal and legal immigration. OKC residents joined in on the protest, to express that immigrants matter when it comes to the economy of the United States.

Businesses everywhere closed, while those in support of the demonstration rallied in various cities like Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and even parts of Washington D.C. Grocery stores, food trucks, coffee shops, and other local businesses were shut down for the day.

In the Oklahoma City area, businesses such as Taqueria Sanchez, Tacos Sibilia, La Oaxaquena Bakery, and The Feria Latina Supermarket had their doors closed as well. Foreign born individuals (American citizens, green card holders, and those working illegally) are younger and tend to take jobs in fast growing fields like restaurants, hotels, and stores, which is why primarily these types of industries showed their support.

Brenda Hernandez, the vice president of operations and community relations at Tango Public Relations in Oklahoma City said nearly 30 businesses were closed on Thursday, from grocery stores to restaurants and even automobile dealers.

A Day Without Immigration aims to prove how the newest deportation sweeps of the immigrant population will be affecting millions of families, and business owners all over the nation. Currently, foreign born workers account for 56 percent of the increase in U.S. employment in the last ten years, per the Labor Department.

If you are looking for something magical to do this January with your family, All My Sons Moving & Storage recommends that you choose to join the Oklahoma City’s Philharmonic for an out-of-this-world magical journey into some of Disney’s most iconic music from beloved classics.

You can hear the Oklahoma City’s Philharmonic pop series start off the new year with their “Disney in Concert: Tale as Old as Time”. The Civic Center Music Halls hosts up to 2,500 people and features state of the art auditorium with sight lines, a three-story balcony, and pristine acoustics. The show starts at two different times, 2p.m. and 8p.m. at the Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.

The Oklahoma City’s Philharmonic takes place over two nights and features ethereal vocals and animated feature film scenes from “Cinderella,” “Lion King,” The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Frozen” and many more. There will be four talented vocalists sharing their talents with Oklahoma City residents. The show will be conducted by the famous Peter Stafford Wilson.

Our residential moving company is sure that you are family will be blown away by this magical performance but the Oklahoma City’s Philharmonic and this will be an event that you don’t want to miss. For more information, visit the Oklahoma Civic Center website today!

Once a year, the residents of Oklahoma City get together to perform the Point in Time, an annual census of the city’s homeless population. In the early hours of Thursday morning, volunteers gathered and canvassed the city and known homeless camps had been reported.

The homeless census is carried out by the Homeless Alliance, the Coalition to end poverty, and a few other government agencies including nonprofit and religious groups. Once all the data has been collected, the results are sent to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Oklahoma City residential movers report that according to the Point in Time 2016 statistics, the city’s homeless count increased by approximately 16 percent. Advocates estimate that the homeless population in Oklahoma City for the year is 4-5 times more than what is found in just one night. With this estimate, the city’s homeless population is actually between 6,044 and 7,555 last year.

All My Sons accounts the increase in homelessness to a few different factors, including loss of jobs in the oil and gas industry and the temporary freeze on Housing Choice vouchers, known as Section 8. The executive director of the Homeless Alliance, Dan Straughan, believes there will be a similar increase in this year’s census with last year’s factors still affecting homelessness.

In addition to the already mentioned factors, high rate of occupancy in rental properties across Oklahoma City means that landlords can be more selective about their tenants, making it difficult for those with bad credit or a criminal history to find housing.

While the results of the census won’t be available for months, residents of Oklahoma City can expect to see an increase among unsheltered homeless people and homeless families with children. If you are in need of an Oklahoma City residential moving company, call All My Sons today!

The Civic Center Music Hall is one of Oklahoma City’s best venues to watch a show, concert, or orchestra. All My Sons Moving & Storage Oklahoma City movers share these holiday shows in Oklahoma City worth catching this month. Heading out to watch a live show around the holidays is a perfect way to bring together family or friends.


December 1-18: A Tuna Christmas. This comedic show is perfect for the whole family! Enjoy as you watch this story unfold about a little town in Texas during the holidays.


December 2-17: Jane Austen’s Christmas Cracker. Travel back in time to Jane Austen’s world. Celebrate the work of this phenomenal author while you enjoy caroling and sweets throughout the show. As a member of the audience at this show, you will be treated as a guest to Jane Austen’s Christmas Ball. You can be as much or as little interactive as you desire.


December 10-20: Oklahoma City Ballet Presents The Nutcracker. A classic and favorite of all the holiday shows in Oklahoma City out there, the Oklahoma City Ballet will not disappoint. Enjoy this classic with friends or family.


December 27-31: Capping off the list of Holiday shows in Oklahoma City to see this season, Oklahoma City movers leave you with Elf. Enjoy, as the beloved story of Buddy the Elf comes to life. Join him on his journey from the North Pole to find his father in New York City. This comedy is sure to leave you and your family laughing as the holiday season wraps up.

It means a lot to the community when role models set a good example. This holiday season, Oklahoma City Thunder players did just that! From giving back to dedicating time, these players show that a little bit of care can make a big difference in someone else’s life. If you are just moving to Oklahoma City, you will be happy to read this uplifting story.


NBA players Russell Westbrook, Domas Sabonis, Anthony Morrow, Jerami Grant, Enes Kanter and many others from the Thunder team got into the spirit of giving this year. A few of the players, as well as the Thunder Girls and the team mascot, stopped into the “Stockings Of Joy” program facility to surprise volunteers. This organization fills stockings to give to the elderly, as well as to underprivileged children. The Oklahoma City Thunder players made a big impact on the volunteers! Not only did they hang out, they helped stuff stockings to give to the less fortunate.


On another occasion, a few of the players went shopping to provide kids with presents for the holidays this year. The players actually went shopping with the kids and picked out items together. Many recipients reported this being one of the best moments they have ever experienced.


Consider taking a move from the Oklahoma City Thunder playbook and give back this season. Throughout this city you can volunteer at various organizations. There are always volunteers needed for charities involving children, the elderly, animals, and the homeless. Getting involved after moving to Oklahoma City will help you feel connected to your new area.