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As college comes to an end, new graduates must decide where to take the next step in their lives. Every city offers its own unique characteristics, so this decision can be very overwhelming. There are limitless options in the United States for a post college career. Where is the best city for a graduate to try their luck?

A study conducted by Zumper combined rental data with data from the US Census Bureau to examine 260 of the largest metro regions in the US. The goal of the study was to determine the top 10 cities for recent graduates to live in.

Their data calculated the following factors:

1. Millennial population

2. Young professional income

3. Amenities – nightlife, restaurants, bars

4. Employment rate for those 20-44 years old

5. Single population

6. Cost of rent

Oklahoma City movers proudly report that out of 260 cities evaluated, Oklahoma City has made the top 10!

Oklahoma City has a booming economy, with young professional employment rates in the top 15% of the country. Not to mention, there are plenty of amenities for young people to enjoy – such as bars, restaurants, and city events. Oklahoma City movers know this city is also known for being extremely friendly to new residents and visitors. In fact, Oklahoma City was ranked as having the “least rude and least snobby” people in the nation. This city exemplifies world class friendliness.

Recent graduates can feel secure knowing Oklahoma City is an optimal spot for millennials to begin their careers. Call the Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to get your move started.

The autumn season is the perfect time to learn some new fall barbecue recipes! Between the beautiful weather, family coming together, football, and much more, now is the time to embrace the outdoors before it becomes to chilly. Oklahoma City movers suggest bringing the perfect seasonal ingredient into your barbecue: pumpkins! Barbecuing with pumpkin may sound a little strange, but we are sure that pumpkin will add a bold flare to your meal when utilizing these fall barbecue recipes.

Pumpkin Barbecue Sauce. Creating a pumpkin barbecue sauce is a lot easier than it sounds. Follow your standard barbecue sauce recipe with ketchup, cider vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire, and just add pumpkin puree! Combine this with whatever seasonings you desire. You can use salt, pepper, paprika, or whatever else your taste buds prefer. This favorite of our fall barbecue recipes will give any dinner dish the perfect fall zing!

Grilled Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a member of the squash and gourd family, making it a healthy and hearty vegetable. For this one of our delicious fall barbecue recipes, we remove the seeds and stringy flesh inside, cut up the pumpkin, and grill! Adding sea salt and rosemary will give the pumpkin an earthy touch.

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds. Take your pumpkin seeds and put them on a tray or foil to put on the grill. Spice them up with some garlic salt and cayenne pepper. These pumpkin seed fall barbecue recipes make for the perfect side or appetizer for your barbecue.

Pumpkin on Burgers. Hold off on the traditional lettuce and tomato on your burger for this fall barbecue. Top your burger with some seasoned pulled pumpkin and feta cheese! This unconventional burger will prove to be a crowd pleaser.

Your Oklahoma City movers want to you feel at home as quick as possible in OKC. Use these fall barbecue recipes to get to know your neighbors, invite family and friends over, and have a great time! We are sure you will love the city this fall.

During the fall, chances are you are going to want spend as much time as possible outside, embracing the chilly weather before it gets to cold! Oklahoma City movers suggest becoming familiar with some outside lawn games in order to create the best environment for your friends and family. Your Oklahoma City movers have a list of their favorites to share with you! These outside lawn games can be purchased, or made with a little bit of elbow grease. The handyman in your family can help make your backyard the place to be this fall!

Corn Hole. Ranked one of the highest played outside lawn games, corn hole is a great game to play with a group of four. If you have the space, consider setting up two games so more people can play at once.

Giant Jenga. A kid favorite! Being a spinoff of the regular Jenga game, this enlarged version is the perfect puzzle to compliment your lawn! Purchase Giant Jenga and make it your own by adding silly things to do on each block you pull. Truth or dare questions are a hit.

Ladder Golf. This game has quickly become a favorite of our outside lawn games. In the same league as corn hole, this game is great for groups and can be easy to make. In this game, you use golf ball bolas. A bola is 2 golf balls attached by a nylon rope. The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the steps of the ladder!

The Classics. Your Oklahoma City movers love the classics! Croquet and horseshoes are timeless, and will always add the perfect touch to your yard full of outside lawn games.

Be creative and think about utilizing your space to the best of its ability. Add flare to your backyard and lawn by stringing some lights or adding some DIY signs for personality.


September is a month that tends to pass us by. It comes quickly after summer and before we know it, the fall has arrived then it is almost October. Oklahoma City movers suggests getting in touch with what your city has to offer before the season gets away from you. There are many activities in Oklahoma City that any resident should keep in mind while September comes to a close.

1. Shakespeare in the park presents, Romeo and Juliet – Throughout the month of September, this performance will take place at the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City. You don’t want to miss this beautiful classic.

2. OKC Painting Palooza – Calling all artists! This event takes place the last week of September, and ends on October 1. Learn techniques and skills from professional artists. Find this event at the Sheraton Midwest City Hotel.

3. Oklahoma Regatta Festival – Join in as rowers from all over the world come to take on different boating activities in Oklahoma City. Kayaking, dragon boat, and rowing races will be taking place. Plant to attend this festival toward the end of September.

4. Deerfest – A festival for the hunters of Oklahoma City! Taking place fittingly in Antler, Oklahoma this festival will showcase various hunting gear and demonstrations. This festival is complete with a chili cook off and entertainment! September 30 – October 1, this event is something any hunter will not want to miss!

Take your Oklahoma City movers advice and get out to celebrate the month of September with any of these exciting activities in Oklahoma City! Before you know it fall will have come and gone. Don’t regret not getting out to experience what your city has to offer.

One area in which Oklahoma City does not disappoint is music! Oklahoma City is known for breeding some of the top musicians in the world. For every well-known musician that came from OKC there is still hundreds in the city trying to make it! While many singers, and musicians are striving to make it big, they leave a trail of music notes wherever they go, making the Oklahoma music scene one of the most influential aspects of the city. If you are moving to Oklahoma City and you love music, you will not be let down! If you enjoy playing music for a crowd then get ready to make your mark on the Oklahoma music scene this fall.

All throughout the year various music festivals take place in Oklahoma City, which gives its residents ample opportunity to perform live on stage, and listen to some great local music. You never know who could make it big next. While Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood are a just a handful of musicians that have made country the most well-known genre to come out of Oklahoma City, there is much more to offer. Bluegrass and rock have very deep roots in the Oklahoma music scene. You can get to know local musicians after moving to Oklahoma City by simply checking out your neighborhood coffee shop, or local venues. This city is very well known for showcasing live music. If you are ready to get yourself out there, Oklahoma City is a great place to start. There is a sense of unity behind the music scene in OKC, it is time to get familiar!

Trying to decide what to do on Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma City? Hosting multiple events, the city is a great way for you to celebrate a long three-day weekend in your new home!

While the aquatic centers and spraygrounds are typically closed after July, they will be open for one last time all of Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma City for children and families to cool off from the September heat.

White Water Bay is opening up for Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma City as well, offering fun water attractions for all ages.

Head on over to Choctaw Creek Park for the annual Oktoberfest! This is the place to be around Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma City for cold beer, live music, dancing, and authentic German cuisine.

Don’t forget about Oklahoma City’s natural entertainment. Lake Hefner, Lake Overholser, Lake Draper and Arcadia Lake offer a wide variety of outdoor recreation for everyone. There are countless outdoor activities. Visitors can choose between camping, hiking, boating, fishing, picnicking, skiing, horseback riding, archery, and hunting.

Don’t miss out on your final chance to see the OKC Dodgers play some ball. Visit the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark for Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma City before baseball season is over!

If you’re looking to escape the heat and stay inside for your Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma City, head west to the Outlet Mall for unbeatable sales offered from Friday until Monday.

When you were chatting with your Oklahoma movers, did the subject of tornadoes ever come up? Usually, people who move to Oklahoma want to know a lot about this weather phenomenon that is common to the area, and it is easy to understand why. If you forgot to discuss a tornado emergency kit, we are happy to fill you in here!

Be Prepared

First off, you must be prepared and have your tornado emergency kit ready before you think you will need it. There are a few items that you may have to leave your home, so it is best to have the kit ready to go.

Food & Water

The most important part of the tornado emergency kit is the food and water.

The rule of thumb for waters is one gallon of water, per person, for three days.

For food, keep nonperishables like canned foods or even dried and dehydrated foods, like fruit. If you forgot those extras, be sure to head to your local grocery store and stock up as soon as you can.


Keep batteries for everything. These days there are solar powered phone chargers and backpacks that work well. Keep batteries for flashlights and radios. Also ensure that you have an spare of everything. If you are out of power for a few days or trapped anywhere, you will be grateful that you have spares.


Keep prescription medications and first-aid items in your tornado emergency kit. You can even print out a basic medical treatment plan, just in case.

On behalf of all of our Oklahoma movers, we wish you a happy and safe stay in this great state!

Oklahoma City officials have approved the turning of an old duplex into a new building with rental apartments in Oklahoma City. All My Sons Moving & Storage is happy to announce this new development and to see part of the neighborhood on Memory Lane repurposed for good.

The spot where the 24-unit building will be built was home to a duplex that remained unoccupied and dilapidated for years. This new development will mean new apartments for rent in Oklahoma City, and it will also mean a revitalization of the neighborhood surrounding the city itself. Our Oklahoma City moving company cannot wait for construction to end so we can begin moving in new tenants and welcoming them to the neighborhood!

The construction company in charge of building the new apartment building just finished another successful apartment project recently. The Frank, as it’s called, was a development that added 45 apartments to rent in Oklahoma City and the building is doing well. Ask any Oklahoma City moving company, and they’ll tell you more and more people are moving in!

The new apartments will be located just across the street from Emerson School, and residents are pleased with this. The school was overshadowed by this run down duplex, whereas now they will see a new and modernized apartment building in its place. There’s a good chance a few new families may even move into the neighborhood.

The most important thing is Oklahoma City is growing and changing. It’s more than just a few new apartments for rent in Oklahoma City, and we are happy to see our home thrive and grow!

  1. Drink water

It may sound silly and obvious, but you need to drink water during hot Oklahoma summers. Unfortunately, most people forget to drink it and instead opt for sodas, coffees and juices. It’s important that you have a few glasses or a bottle of water every day, especially if you’re doing outdoor activities. The Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know how important it is, since they are moving homes during the summer heat.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

This is especially important for anyone who comes from the very cold, northern states! Chances are you aren’t used to the heat we experience in Oklahoma, but it can be quite hot here in the summer time. Sure you might see your Oklahoma City movers not wearing sunscreen, but they have had years to adapt. Do yourself a favor, and spend this summer protected from those sun rays with sunscreen.

  1. Loose, Light and Bright Clothing

Loose clothes provide better ventilation, and the lighter the material, the better. Also, try to stay away from clothing with dark colors, because that absorbs the sun’s heat. Try lighter colors and whites instead.

  1. Adjust Your Exercise

Instead of jogging, incorporate water into your exercise routine, and go for a swim or do some snorkeling. There are plenty of pools in Oklahoma City, so take advantage!

  1. Remember last winter

Sometimes summers can feel long, and they can even feel unbearable if you aren’t used to them. But the best way to get through that is to remember how miserable you were last winter. Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Welcome to Oklahoma!

With it being your first summer after moving to Oklahoma City, there is no better way to feel at home in a new place than to get involved altruistically. Volunteering is the perfect outlet in which to expend a couple hours a week, and it is extremely gratifying work.


The following are a few available sites that you can donate some of your time to this summer after moving to Oklahoma City. Even a small percentage of your time makes a world of difference.


Coffee Creek Riding Center: Situated in Edmond, OK, this center is dedicated to teaching special needs kids how to ride horses. Riding a horse proves to be a therapeutic activity, and it promotes balance, coordination, and improved self-image. This is a great way to get involved with your community and work directly with children who need the extra guidance.


Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, Inc.: In Norman, OK, you can work in an animal sanctuary and help care for formerly homeless pets. Volunteering tasks include walking the dogs, cleaning out the cat cages, completing office work, and assisting in the adoption clinics.


Feed the Children: This center is geared towards feeding disadvantaged children who are without access to food. Spend time this summer after moving to Oklahoma City helping prepare food and personal hygiene boxes that are sent out to over 263,000 children daily in this organization’s motive to help combat world hunger. The goal is to reach a day when no child has to go to bed hungry.