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Apartments Picking Up in Oklahoma City

The need for apartments has been a steady demand in Oklahoma City, according to recent data published by Consumer Reports. In fact, the demand has been so high for so long, there is a mixed situation of rising rents for existing units and a scramble to build new units to accommodate the demand. The Yukon movers are excited that our area has remained stable in the midst of other markets throughout the US that have shown struggle for extended periods of time. It is our hope, however, that the other US metros feel the wealth that we have been blessed with throughout the economic recession.

Average occupancy in the city is at 93 percent, and nearby Edmond has 96 percent occupancy in 2012–the highest since 2001. Rental rates are predicted to grow an additional 2.8 percent from existing figures throughout 2013. Current projects are predicting that 2,635 additional apartment units will be available for residents this year.

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