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Choosing the Best Place to Retire

Retiring is a big step for many as they end their professional career and head into a life of relaxation. A key to that state of being is a place that is affordable, caters to a senior community, and is clean and safe. But it gets overwhelming with so many lists: the 10 sunniest places to retire, the 10 fastest-growing retirement spots, the 10 best places for military retirees, 10 historic places to retire, and 10 great places for wine lovers to retire. Searching elsewhere, you’ll find the best cities for successful aging, the best retirement havens abroad, and the 10 most relaxing cities to enjoy your golden years, among others.

For now, Oklahoma City is still an ideal place for retirement, despite its kudos in the form as the manliest city in the US, thanks to a criteria of drag racing, steak houses, bowling alleys, and pickup trucks. There is a stable economy, affordable housing, and a good infrastructure, which are the concrete criteria with which making a decision like retirement are actually handy. Personal needs, like proximity to doctors or specialists, family, and amenities will play a role in determining if retiring in Oklahoma City is right for you.

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