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Preparing for a Corporate Relocation to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is becoming one of the most south-out destinations for business professionals, which is why companies are constantly expanding to the area. If you’re an employee planning a corporate relocation to Oklahoma City, then you need to know that All My Sons Oklahoma City Corporate Relocation movers are here for you. Follow these guidelines to make sure that your move goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that you can settle into your new home, in your new city, and begin your new job.


Find out about your corporate relocation package

Typically, companies will already have a relocation package in place that outlines what is provided for the employee. Before doing anything, get in touch with your HR department and determine what they will cover and what you will have to plan for. They will likely take care of your moving and packing services, or at least provide a cash amount for you to utilize towards moving. Still, you need to figure out how much time you have for moving, as well as if they have an Oklahoma City moving company under contract for your move already.


Book your moving and packing services

If your company doesn’t have a relocation plan in place, then you’ll need to get on the ball. As soon as you can, have an All My Sons Oklahoma City mover come out and pack your belongings. You’ll want to have a moving budget in place so that you can fit the cost of professional moving services in with your out of pocket expenses. This includes new furniture, food, etc. Anything that you don’t want to take with you should be sold or donated. If you do have items that you want to bring later after you’ve settled into your new place, then consider getting a storage unit in the meantime.



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