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Discover Oklahoma Through Oklahoma City Exhibits

Through a fashion exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center, residents & tourists can see historical fashions that once dominated the Oklahoma City social scene. The showcase, called “Return to Elegance” displays 29 evening gowns from the historical society. These garments were worn by women to inaugural balls, society events and other high profile events between 1912 and 1985.

A separate exhibit is on display at the Pawnee Bill Ranch, which displays Wild West style clothing and history of Oklahoma that pertains to cowboys, Indians and Wild West shows. Tall tales are synonymous with the items on display, such as the tale of Jose Barrera and his ability to rope seven men on horseback. Rock n’ roll styles debut at the Pioneer Woman Museum’s Rock & Roll Gallery, complete with rockabilly looks, poodle skirts, and saddle shoes.

While the Oklahoma City movers have never really associated fashion with history, it makes sense that the fashion of the masses can help to describe a time period. From corsets to suede fringe jackets, the clothing on display helps to share Oklahoma City history through unconventional means. Check out one (or all) of these exhibits and expand your knowledge of Oklahoma City.

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