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Now’s the Time to Buy in Oklahoma City

In the Oklahoma City metro area, home prices are skewing to the advantage of the buyer versus the renter. Despite the reasonable home prices, however, is the honest fact that many Oklahoma residents cannot afford to take on a mortgage. Here, it’s a sensible decision—but also a commitment both emotionally and financially. The Oklahoma movers have some data to share:

In Oklahoma City, the numbers don’t lie: it is 63 percent cheaper to buy than it is to rent. The average monthly cost for a mortgage in Oklahoma City is about $600—and to rent is about $1600. With a five month supply of homes for sale on the market, Oklahoma City is a booming real estate area, with no signs of slowing down. The energy industry keeps the unemployment at bay and job growth seems to be steady and stable. While some simply prefer the flexibility of renting, others are too strapped to even save an initial down payment to purchase.

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