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OKC Ranks as Top City for Recent Graduates

As college comes to an end, new graduates must decide where to take the next step in their lives. Every city offers its own unique characteristics, so this decision can be very overwhelming. There are limitless options in the United States for a post college career. Where is the best city for a graduate to try their luck?

A study conducted by Zumper combined rental data with data from the US Census Bureau to examine 260 of the largest metro regions in the US. The goal of the study was to determine the top 10 cities for recent graduates to live in.

Their data calculated the following factors:

1. Millennial population

2. Young professional income

3. Amenities – nightlife, restaurants, bars

4. Employment rate for those 20-44 years old

5. Single population

6. Cost of rent

Oklahoma City movers proudly report that out of 260 cities evaluated, Oklahoma City has made the top 10!

Oklahoma City has a booming economy, with young professional employment rates in the top 15% of the country. Not to mention, there are plenty of amenities for young people to enjoy – such as bars, restaurants, and city events. Oklahoma City movers know this city is also known for being extremely friendly to new residents and visitors. In fact, Oklahoma City was ranked as having the “least rude and least snobby” people in the nation. This city exemplifies world class friendliness.

Recent graduates can feel secure knowing Oklahoma City is an optimal spot for millennials to begin their careers. Call the Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to get your move started.

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