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Oklahoma City Ballet this Valentine’s Day

So you have just moved to Oklahoma City and are looking for something different to do with your valentine this year? Your Oklahoma City relocation specialists know just the thing for you! The Oklahoma City Ballet and Oklahoma City Philharmonic will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a production of the classic love story “Romeo & Juliet.”

We all know the story of Romeo & Juliet: the tragedy of two star-crossed young lovers, but the collaboration of the city’s ballet and philharmonic companies is truly something special. The live music sets the stage for a truly romantic evening, while the ballet tells a love story that will have you glued to your seat. This production is the third time the Oklahoma City Ballet and Oklahoma City Philharmonic have collaborated during the ballet’s 2014-2015 season.

You can catch a production of Romeo & Juliet all weekend long at Civic Center Music Hall. There will be four shows, the first of which will be on Friday, February 13th, and they will run through Sunday, February 15th. After the Friday and Saturday show, Ballet Artistic Director Robert Mills will attend a question-and-answer session, which is a nice touch! If you are attending the show on Valentine’s Day, the Oklahoma City Ballet is hosting a three-course dinner beginning at 5 p.m., at the Civic Center’s Hall of Mirrors.

You are new to Oklahoma City, so get out there and enjoy all that the city has to offer! Romeo & Juliet is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone, and it is a great way to explore your new hometown!

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