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Oklahoma City’s Garden Anywhere Box

Oklahoma City movers want new residents to stay informed about the weather, since Oklahoma City weather can mean extreme heat, flooding, and even droughts. With weather patterns constantly changing, it may be difficult to figure out the proper ways to maintain a garden after you move to Oklahoma. All My Sons Moving & Storage is happy to share a new gardening tactic that is quickly becoming popular in the city – the Garden Anywhere Box.

The Garden Anywhere Box was made in Oklahoma and won the title of the “Most Unique Product” at the 2013 Oklahoma State Fair. Since then, the Garden Anywhere Box has become a huge hit among gardeners of all kinds and ages throughout the city and the state.

The Garden Anywhere Box is convenient because it uses less water to grow plants – and it actually self-waters! How does it work? Simply hook your garden hose up to the box and it will regulate how much water the hose lets in, shutting off the hose with a valve when water is not needed.

What makes the Garden Anywhere Box even greater? Since it waters itself you can leave your home and go on vacation, you never have to worry about your plants being watered and alive when you return. It is also portable, making moving to or from Oklahoma City even easier when traveling with plants and you won’t have to leave your garden behind.

To purchase a Garden Anywhere Box, you can visit their website or the Oklahoma State Fair.

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