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Oklahoma Maintains Low Jobless Rate

According to recent reports released by the Oklahoma State Treasurer, Ken Miller, Oklahoma is holding steady with a low unemployment rate and stable economy, topping the charts as one of the top five states in the country with unemployment kept at pre-recession levels. Nearby state residents are even relocating into Oklahoma to take advantage of how fruitful they have been, coming from states such as Texas to snap up available jobs. The Edmond movers know that our region in particular has jobs sprouting up in various industries, thanks to new developments like hotel chains opening new locations and also construction projects offering jobs for the construction industry–a group largely effected during the recession.

Other new construction projects such as a doctor’s office, a wellness center, and retail plazas will offer additional employment opportunities. Oklahoma’s unemployment should stay at (or dip below) the current 5.1 percent jobless rate. The treasurer credits the Oklahoma city council for actively pursuing ventures that benefit the community and keep job availability open.

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