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Oklahoma City Residents Show Support for National Demonstration

Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage report on Thursday, February 16, Oklahoma City residents showed their support for a national demonstration. The national protest, called “A Day Without Immigration” was aimed squarely at the latest presidential efforts to crack down on illegal and legal immigration. OKC residents joined in on the protest, to express that immigrants matter when it comes to the economy of the United States.

Businesses everywhere closed, while those in support of the demonstration rallied in various cities like Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and even parts of Washington D.C. Grocery stores, food trucks, coffee shops, and other local businesses were shut down for the day.

In the Oklahoma City area, businesses such as Taqueria Sanchez, Tacos Sibilia, La Oaxaquena Bakery, and The Feria Latina Supermarket had their doors closed as well. Foreign born individuals (American citizens, green card holders, and those working illegally) are younger and tend to take jobs in fast growing fields like restaurants, hotels, and stores, which is why primarily these types of industries showed their support.

Brenda Hernandez, the vice president of operations and community relations at Tango Public Relations in Oklahoma City said nearly 30 businesses were closed on Thursday, from grocery stores to restaurants and even automobile dealers.

A Day Without Immigration aims to prove how the newest deportation sweeps of the immigrant population will be affecting millions of families, and business owners all over the nation. Currently, foreign born workers account for 56 percent of the increase in U.S. employment in the last ten years, per the Labor Department.

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