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Oklahoma Teacher Shortage

Are you looking for a teaching job? If so, your Oklahoma moving company recommends that you move to the Sooner State, where there is currently a severe teacher shortage crisis.

Oklahoma now has about 1,000 teacher vacancies, and the shortage does not seem to be coming to an end any time soon. In 2012, the State Department of Education received 97 emergency certification requests in hopes of obtaining new teachers, fast. In 2014, that number skyrocketed to 499. Districts make these requests when a teacher leaves in the middle of the year, when multiple teachers leave or retire at once, or when a school has advertised for a position and is unable to fill it.

Emergency certification allows for some maneuvering in the teacher certification process. Applicants do not have to have formal educational training to teach students, but they will need a professional specialty or skillset that can be applied to the classroom. The Executive Director of Teacher Certification gave the example of an accountant who could become a business teacher.

Oklahoma’s teacher shortage is largely blamed on the low pay allotted to entry-level teachers. Oklahoma pays some of the lowest starting teacher salaries in the country, which start at around $31,600. It seems that most people with teaching degrees from Oklahoma schools are starting their careers in another state.

If you are a teacher that has recently moved to Oklahoma or know a teacher in the mid-west looking for work, try applying in the Sooner State schools. The Oklahoma State Department of Education will thank you, and so will the region’s students!

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