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Real Estate Trend: Empty Nesters Downsizing

As families in the Oklahoma City area see their children grow up and head off to school and other areas, the trend to swap larger homes for one or two bedroom places and cut down on the excess. Specifically, Oklahoma City is also a place where couples are relocating to once their larger homes are sold. Something about our city is refreshing and welcoming to this demographic, it seems.

The Oklahoma City movers find that there’s plenty to love about OKC. With competitive home prices and an unbeatable mortgage rate, now is certainly the time to look into an “empty nest” home and consider bringing your life to Oklahoma City. Also, with the recent attention our city has received following the NBA playoffs, it’s only a matter of time before we have the full spectrum of amenities as metropolis’ throughout the country. Of course, we fully intend to maintain our down home charm.

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