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Recipe for a Stress-Free Move

Prep Time: 3 months
Cook Time: One hour per fully furnished room
Yielding: A Successful Move for the Whole Family!

Recipe Ingredients:
Know your budget.
Choose a reputable moving company.
Plan a garage sale to eliminate items that you don’t need.
Develop a packing plan for the home and unpacking plan for new home.
Secure change of address information from postal service.
Notify utility companies of transferal or cancellation of services.
Assemble important documents (i.e. policies, birth certificates, school records etc.).
Acquire packing materials.
Disconnect/Defrost major appliances.

Recipe Directions:
Complete packing.
Supervise movers.
Submit change of address notifications.
Deliver remaining unwanted items to local charity.
Go over home layout with moving foreman.
Confirm disconnection/connection of utilities.
Take a proper inventory of items as they are loaded and unloaded onto the truck.
Conduct a final sweep of property.
Pay company with required payment method (i.e. cash, credit card or money order).

The adage “moving can be a bear,” rings true for most families. However, at All My Sons Moving and Storage we take the stress out of moving. Whether you are moving locally or across state lines, our family of professionals is here to meet your needs.

Let Our Family Move Yours!

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