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Stay Cool this Summer with Tips from Oklahoma City Movers

Stay Cool this Summer!

Sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to stay cool in Oklahoma City during the summer. The Oklahoma City movers at All My Sons have the best tips for you to stay cool this summer. Keep reading to find out more.

Cotton Sheets

The best way to stay cool at night during the summer is by using linens made of lightweight cotton. Cotton sheets are breathable and promote the ventilation and airflow in your bedroom. You will be so much cooler sleeping on cotton sheets than on satin, silk and polyester sheets. Save those for the cooler nights.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

The summer means it usually stays light until eight or nine at night. Try to avoid using your lightbulbs as much as you can. Even if you use the environmentally-friendly CFLs, they still give off heat.

Take a Cool Shower

When you’re spending a lot of time outside, you are going to get sweaty and want to shower. It may sound obvious, but our Oklahoma City movers recommend taking a cool shower to really help keep your body temperature down.


It’s so important to stay hydrated during the summer months. Drinking water helps keep your body temperature down and is more effective than applying cold items to your exterior.

Set Your Fan Counter-Clockwise

By setting your fan counter-clockwise, you are pushing the cool air down. During the warm summer months, you want to have as much cool air circulating through your house as possible.

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