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Summer Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your New Home

Whether you have just moved to or are moving to Oklahoma City, this is the perfect time to do Summer cleaning! All My Sons Moving & Storage in Oklahoma City has the best Summer cleaning tips and tricks for your new home.

Double Up on Doormats

If you don’t have a doormat on both the inside and outside of your door, you should. You’ll be able to trap most of the dirt by using the two mats, but if they’re too dirty, they won’t do their job! Hose them off and air-dry them.

Shine Your Stainless Steel

Give your stainless-steel appliances the boost they deserve! Use a microfiber cloth with a solution of 1 teaspoon dish detergent and 1 quart hot water to get rid of those fingerprints.

Clean Your Broom

Just like your doormats, your broom must be clean to do its job. You can clean the dust bunnies out of your broom by vacuuming it or swish the broom in warm soapy water.

Wash Your Whole Bed

Although you wash your linens every week, the pillows and comforter get overlooked. Take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning and clean those guys.

Clear Out Vents

The vents in your house can collect so much dust. Don’t let the dust keep circulating through your house, grab a brush with soft bristles to clean your vents.

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