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Territory: OKC is Oklahoma’s brand new go-to guide to the city

Perhaps the best thing to happen to Oklahoma City this year is the publication of Territory: OKC.

Territory: OKC is Oklahoma’s brand new go-to guide to the city. Editor Veronica Pasfield and Publisher Trey McNeill describe the new publication as not only a guide to the city, but the best possible resource for learning about the highest quality local and independent businesses.

Territory: OKC is aiming to boost business in Oklahoma City while highlighting the lifestyle of the city and its people as well. The first edition can only be bought at a few locations as of now, but with the rate that they are flying off the shelves Territory: OKC is becoming the hottest new thing that Oklahoma City residents are extremely proud about.

The magazine has pulled together the most interesting things to do and places to go while in the city. From food to fashion, interior design to signature drinks, Pasfield says to refer to it as a travel guide and a way to boost a community on the rise.

The publication’s designers also want to note that it is completely independent of advertising, but rather presents advertisers’ business through artful displays. Another helpful feature of the popular magazine is the organization by neighborhood districts, making the “travel guide” easier to use and navigate through.

Pasfield and McNeill say that, “every good magazine is a love letter” and that is exactly how they want users to feel about OKC.

Territory: OKC is the ideal reference when considering a move to Oklahoma City. Find out the best places to dine, shop, and live in each neighborhood district and choose an area that suites your style. Find all you could want and more in your new neighborhood and make Oklahoma City your own by following the Territory: OKC guide.

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