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There is a Right and a Wrong Way to Move a Piano!

There is a time and a place for using short cuts. Moving is usually not the best time for short cuts though. Doing a job right is what your Oklahoma City movers are devoted to, which is why so many people hire your relocation specialists here. Among the many circumstances in which short cuts are a bad idea, moving a piano comes to mind! Pianos are one of the heaviest most delicate items which your professional Oklahoma movers handle. A lot goes in to moving a piano the right way. A piano should be protected during a move, which is why we use quilt pad wrapping. As they contain delicate internal parts, pianos are very sensitive to movement. Your movers here use a special padded piano dolly to provide the smoothest ride possible for any piano we handle. Very importantly, your piano should be well-secured while in transit from your old home to your new place. To make sure that the pianos that we move aren’t rolling around in the back of the truck causing damage, your OKC movers here thoroughly strap them safely in the back of the moving truck. The fellows in the video below obviously do not specialize in moving pianos!

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