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To the Animal-Lovers Moving to Oklahoma City

To all of the die-hard animal-lovers: Oklahoma City is the place for you. OKC locals all have one thing in common, and it is that they hold an appreciation for wildlife. Before moving to Oklahoma City, check out some of the most renowned locations in the country that are geared towards wildlife education and appreciation.


Endangered Ark Foundation (Hugo, OK): This nature reserve protects endangered Asian elephants, and in fact it contains the second largest population of Asian Elephants in North America. Tours are held every Saturday at 10am, and the guides are more than happy to provide educational activities to supplement your experience.


Oklahoma Aquarium (Jenks, OK): After moving to Oklahoma City, this is one of the first places you need to visit. The Oklahoma Aquarium holds vast opportunities for visitors to become acquainted with hundreds of species of aquatic life, including bull sharks, stingrays, and a 120-year-old alligator snapping turtle. There is a part of the exhibit in which children are able to crawl beneath the water’s surface and view life from underneath via a series of tunnels.


Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Foundation (Wynnewood, OK): This zoo is USDA approved, and its purpose is to serve as a memorial. Every animal in the zoo signifies a tribute to a human who has passed away. The natural reserve is a space for endangered animals, especially wild cats whose habitats are being destroyed at a rate of 214 thousand acres a day. Another perk of moving to Oklahoma City is being so close to the only location in the Central United States in which visitors are able to engage hands-on with tigers. There are also ligers, bears, kangaroos, and goats.

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