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Vacant Homes Cost Taxpayers Millions

Recent data analyzed brought some interesting news to light regarding vacant properties around the Oklahoma City area. According to a study commissioned by the city, there are more than 12,000 homes vacant in the Oklahoma City metro that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Blighted homes are running amok all over the city, with blocks of properties neglected, boarded up, and left to rot. The Enid movers have concern for the future of these areas, as the longer a neighborhood sits vacant the more it slips into becoming a slum area with drug, gang, and police activity becoming regular occurrences.

The new study shares that vacant properties in this volume cost the taxpayers $6.5 million. Additionally, living next door to an abandoned home can reduce property values by 29 percent, making it a problem that is far bigger than simply an eyesore.

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