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If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, consider the time and effort necessary to properly protect your belongings. In most cases you can save money by doing your own packing, however I strongly recommended that you let a professional moving company pack any fragile(s) or valuable items. When you use a professional moving company, you […]

Just some more Packing Tips! Ok, now that you know you are moving, you can begin packing your kitchen first. Start with your rarely used serving dishes, seasonal items and minor appliances. Check all your cabinets and the dishwasher to making sure you have gotten everything. Next, pack your large serving bowls and any specialty pots […]

Hello… I’m back with the last of my packing tips that will help you with your local move or your Long Distance move. Below I have provided you with little tips on packing the miscellaneous items such as lamps, plants, electronics and firearms: Artificial Flowers 1. An arrangement of artificial flowers should be packed in […]