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For those who live in Edmond, the advantages to living in the area are obvious! Low unemployment rate, low crime rate, and a nationally recognized school system are just a few reasons why families move to Edmond Oklahoma from all over. Your Oklahoma City movers know that you’ll live well in Edmond. Public schooling in […]

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There is a time and a place for using short cuts. Moving is usually not the best time for short cuts though. Doing a job right is what your Oklahoma City movers are devoted to, which is why so many people hire your relocation specialists here. Among the many circumstances in which short cuts are […]

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If you live in Oklahoma City currently, things are likely going rather well for you and your family. As opposed to the national trend, the economy as well as the job market is in pretty good shape in Oklahoma City. Moving to Oklahoma City is naturally a trend right now as many families relocate here […]

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Among the many options available to people planning to move locally in Oklahoma City, renting a moving truck is a very popular method. However; many DIY moving endeavors end in disaster due to inexperienced operation of rented moving trucks. Professional moving companies in Oklahoma are able to provide you skilled crew members for your move, […]

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The Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks will face-off again tonight for another intense game. This is the second of a seven game series, these are very important games and your Oklahoma movers will certainly be rooting for the Thunder! The Western Conference continues on Saturday after tonight’s game, and will be played at home! The […]

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If you are moving to a new apartment soon, you likely have your eyes peeled for the perfect pad right now. The hunt for your new apartment is an exciting one, and you might have your sights set on a top floor apartment –and it’s not hard to see why! However; there are pros AND […]

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Currently the danger of grass fires is again on the rise all throughout Oklahoma. More than 60 homes have been destroyed which means many families will have to move to a new home, and that statewide caution is especially high due to the dry drought conditions we are presently experiencing. An obvious ban on trash […]

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Your local family movers here in Oklahoma City care very much for the community which has always treated us so well. We strive to get involved in the community and help our as much as we can! It is incredible how much of a difference your movers here in Oklahoma City can make for families […]

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What is the difference between a two-man move and a three-man move? There are many possible answers to this question. You may find yourself asking your local Oklahoma City movers why you need three movers when your neighbor moved with only two. To save you some stress and ultimately to make sure you have the […]

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One thing you can always count on is flexibility from your professional movers here in Oklahoma City. Plans can change suddenly when you are moving locally or long distance, and your local moving company here in Oklahoma City knows that changes to your move are sometimes out of your control. If you need to change […]

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