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Apartments are a hot commodity in the Oklahoma City area, according to a report from Commercial Realty Resources Company of Norman, OK. With the demand up for apartments, owning complexes has become a viable investment in the area. Demand from out of state investors is keeping sale prices high for existing complexes in the area. […]

Oklahoma City’s historic homes are seeing their values increase at a stable rate, according to a recent article that highlights local sales data and other figured compiled by Preservation Oklahoma, Inc. and the State Historic Preservation Office. While some are hesitant to purchase older homes, the historic homes of Oklahoma City’s Quail Creek have appreciated […]

Foreclosure auctions tapered off significantly in May due to the tornadoes that hit the area recently. The sharp decline in auctions came on the tail end of three months of booming auctions. While the inventory still remains that needs to be unloaded via auction, the May reporting posted a 47 percent decline from April 2013. […]

The amount of actual foreclosures entering the system in Oklahoma might be down, but the amount of foreclosure auctions featuring homes already in the system is a growing phenomenon in the Oklahoma region. For April 2013, the amount of foreclosure starts for Oklahoma was down 46 percent, but scheduled foreclosure auctions and bank repossessions were […]

The real estate blog Movoto recently published a study that identified the top redneck cities in the United States, and Oklahoma City was named as one of the locations. In fact, two Oklahoma cities were named in the top five! So what qualifies for a Movoto “redneck city?” In it’s listing description, it says that […]

A new real estate data report found that the Enid, Oklahoma region is lacking available housing options for potential buyers and those seeking to relocate to the area. There is a diminished amount of available housing that can stifle the growth potential for Enid this year, so the desire to resolve this problem is imminent […]

The Oklahoma City area has seen a continual surge of new residents, and with that a dwindling of available inventory. According to industry experts in our area, the time is certainly good to list properties and take advantage of the lessening availability of homes. Oklahoma City realtors are hesitant to dub the current state a […]

Oklahoma City has had a period in recent years with continual growth throughout its metro area. According to population data gathered by the Census Bureau, the growth spurt from the 2011 to 2012 was a large one, with 1.3 million more people living in the metro area. Oklahoma City wasn’t the only to city to […]

The need for apartments has been a steady demand in Oklahoma City, according to recent data published by Consumer Reports. In fact, the demand has been so high for so long, there is a mixed situation of rising rents for existing units and a scramble to build new units to accommodate the demand. The Yukon […]