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Oklahoma City officials have approved the turning of an old duplex into a new building with rental apartments in Oklahoma City. All My Sons Moving & Storage is happy to announce this new development and to see part of the neighborhood on Memory Lane repurposed for good. The spot where the 24-unit building will be […]

As Oklahoma City continues to grow and evolve, some new specific changes are coming to the downtown Oklahoma City area. Specific areas targeted by city officials include buildings that have become old and decrepit in the downtown area which are due for updates and remodeling. A while back, 20 years in fact, there were many […]

One issue that seems to constantly plague the veterans of this country is the lack of housing availability or job stability once they have returned from war. The group Purple Heart Homes has now begun a campaign to help get these veterans into homes that they deserve. With the help of Army Family Council and […]

Apartments are a hot commodity in the Oklahoma City area, according to a report from Commercial Realty Resources Company of Norman, OK. With the demand up for apartments, owning complexes has become a viable investment in the area. Demand from out of state investors is keeping sale prices high for existing complexes in the area. […]

According to, there are a few real estate markets in the country that outshine the others. One of these top 25 markets is in fact Oklahoma City, something we are certainly excited to share! The Oklahoma City real estate market has a lot going for it, making it an ideal place for you to […]

Recent data analyzed brought some interesting news to light regarding vacant properties around the Oklahoma City area. According to a study commissioned by the city, there are more than 12,000 homes vacant in the Oklahoma City metro that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Blighted homes are running amok all over the city, […]

Foreclosure auctions tapered off significantly in May due to the tornadoes that hit the area recently. The sharp decline in auctions came on the tail end of three months of booming auctions. While the inventory still remains that needs to be unloaded via auction, the May reporting posted a 47 percent decline from April 2013. […]

The amount of actual foreclosures entering the system in Oklahoma might be down, but the amount of foreclosure auctions featuring homes already in the system is a growing phenomenon in the Oklahoma region. For April 2013, the amount of foreclosure starts for Oklahoma was down 46 percent, but scheduled foreclosure auctions and bank repossessions were […]

Real estate in the Oklahoma City area seems poised to succeed, but for some reason the recent numbers show that there has been a decrease in sales volume. So what gives? The Oklahoma City movers have decided to investigate and learn more about what the numbers really mean, and what the future hold for our […]

Tornadoes and strong winds are nothing new to the home builders and homeowners in Oklahoma, but there are some new developments in designing homes built to withstand strong winds. By testing homes built to the codes and standards that the state currently requires, it seems many homes are not sturdy enough to withstand strong gusts. […]