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One issue that seems to constantly plague the veterans of this country is the lack of housing availability or job stability once they have returned from war. The group Purple Heart Homes has now begun a campaign to help get these veterans into homes that they deserve. With the help of Army Family Council and […]

Recent data analyzed brought some interesting news to light regarding vacant properties around the Oklahoma City area. According to a study commissioned by the city, there are more than 12,000 homes vacant in the Oklahoma City metro that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Blighted homes are running amok all over the city, […]

According to data compiled in a recent survey by Chain Store Age magazine, several retail outlets are looking to set up shop and develop brick & mortar storefronts in the Oklahoma City area. The publication spent over a month surveying retailers and garnered data from almost 160 different companies. So who’s looking to come to […]

In Oklahoma City, we’ve had a different experience than most areas with the housing bust. While many cities are beginning to see recovery, we’ve seen it for months–years even! In 2009, the Oklahoma City movers saw the most signs of the the housing bust. Low prices, mediocre sales and barely any construction. What remained independent […]

Tis the season to share! Why not clean out your home and donate to the First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City? The church will be taking gently used furniture donations to fill their Furniture Bank of Oklahoma City in conjunction with Skyline Urban Ministries. The Oklahoma City movers want to encourage you to share the love […]

The heat has gotten so out of hand according to Oklahoma City officials, that the churches in the city are going to be transformed into refuges from the heat. Currently, there are 25 cooling centers which have been operating since June 15 in Oklahoma City public buildings like the libraries and select YMCA branches. However, […]

Your local family movers here in Oklahoma City care very much for the community which has always treated us so well. We strive to get involved in the community and help our as much as we can! It is incredible how much of a difference your movers here in Oklahoma City can make for families […]