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As college comes to an end, new graduates must decide where to take the next step in their lives. Every city offers its own unique characteristics, so this decision can be very overwhelming. There are limitless options in the United States for a post college career. Where is the best city for a graduate to […]

Local Oklahoma City moving company, All My Sons, knows that Oklahoma real estate investments have seen their fair share of ups and downs over the past few years, following the recession. However, thanks to a revival of the economy and, in particular, the oil industry, Oklahoma City housing is doing quite well for itself. The […]

According to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, computer and mathematical science jobs in Oklahoma are projected to grow by 13 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is great news for those who are looking to move to Oklahoma City and specialize in those fields. A news article in The Oklahoman explained how local startup Tailwind […]

January was a slow month in the Oklahoma City real estate market, which historically seems to be the case for the industry as a whole, despite varying reports of January 2013 being a strong and bustling month in metros around the country. For Oklahoma City, the numbers dropped off from December 2012, with sales down […]

In the Oklahoma City metro area, home prices are skewing to the advantage of the buyer versus the renter. Despite the reasonable home prices, however, is the honest fact that many Oklahoma residents cannot afford to take on a mortgage. Here, it’s a sensible decision—but also a commitment both emotionally and financially. The Oklahoma movers […]

This holiday season in Oklahoma City seems to be booming for new residential construction. Despite the rising costs of materials (drywall up 14%, lumber at a six year high), plenty of residents are looking to build their dream home this holiday season. The Oklahoma City movers find it worth noting that the current state of […]

In a recent write up on SeattlePi, cities around the country were examined and compared for livability and likelihood to offer the best amenities for young people seeking a metro area with urban centers close to jobs and services. Oklahoma City was named as one of these locations, along with Seattle, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, […]

Oklahoma City commercial space is becoming less and less available, according to a recent write up in the News Oklahoma publication that shared current statistics and availability for commercial tenants in need of warehouse space in the metropolitan area. The vacancy rate in the area went down significantly over the mid-year study, shrinking from 20.4 […]

Your Oklahoma City movers are honored to be chosen as OKC’s Best of the Best Moving Company! Oklahoma Magazine honored our Oklahoma City movers with the award, and it has really made our summer. Don’t expect anything less than “Best of the Best” caliber services from these relocation service providers here at All My Sons! […]

An Oklahoma city was named as one of the top five places where being a landlord is most profitable. Coming in 5th in a Top 5 Report, Tulsa was named as a great place to own property, with jobs on the rise, a projected increase in new renters moving in, and a current monthly rent […]