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The summer months are finally coming to a close and your children are getting ready to go back-to-school! Have they stayed active all summer? Are they mentally and physically prepared for the vigor of a new school year? If you are moving to Oklahoma City and have children who have not been staying active, they […]

United States Senator, Ted Cruz of Texas, is in Oklahoma this week and he is calling on the state to be helpful when election time comes. The Texas Senator will be making pit stops in Oklahoma City and Tulsa for the closing of his southern tour, Ted Cruz ends tour in Oklahoma City, the city […]

Moving to Oklahoma City can be very difficult for a family. Having to leave behind your home and move to a new city can be especially difficult on children. Your children have to say goodbye to their friends, school, and home town. When you move to Oklahoma City there are some great activities you can […]

Many people move to Oklahoma City simply for the changing seasons they can experience. Oklahoma City is home to one of the most majestic fall seasons in the country. Fall is undoubtedly the most enchanting season of the year, it is the time when leaves change from crisp apple green to burnt orange, yellow, and […]

Trying to get away from your moving duties? Take your family to the Oklahoma City Zoo, but DON’T throw coins in the well to make a wish! The Oklahoma City Zoo believes that the several health conditions that their animals are having are linked to this age old tradition. Back in 2008, zoo staff members […]

The Oklahoma City icon building known as the Gold Dome is set for a foreclosure sale next month. According to NewsOK, the building will be sold to the highest bidder on September 13th. The Gold Dome, which was built in 1958, was thought by some to be “the bank of tomorrow.” The building was almost […]

Oklahoma City is staying afloat in the industry commercial real estate with impressive numbers that show the vacancy rate dropping from 24.9 to the current 8.9 percent. This positive trend has been apparent since late 2010. Absorption rate was at a high in 2011, and vacant space reduced significantly. Experts, including us here at the […]

Oklahoma City housing has seemingly struck a balance between sales and available inventory. Sales are steady, and new construction has been reeled in. In fact, the current status of the real estate market in Oklahoma City is as healthy as it’s been in months. October was a big month for residential sales, and based on the figures, […]

Your local family movers here in Oklahoma City care very much for the community which has always treated us so well. We strive to get involved in the community and help our as much as we can! It is incredible how much of a difference your movers here in Oklahoma City can make for families […]

What is the difference between a two-man move and a three-man move? There are many possible answers to this question. You may find yourself asking your local Oklahoma City movers why you need three movers when your neighbor moved with only two. To save you some stress and ultimately to make sure you have the […]