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According to a recent report by the Building Owners & Managers Association’s 2011 Experience Exchange Report, Tulsa and Oklahoma City are both among the top 10 most affordable office space rental prices. Tulsa was near the top, in 3rd place, with square footage valued at $13.73. Oklahoma City came in at #9, with prices averaging […]

One thing you can always count on is flexibility from your professional movers here in Oklahoma City. Plans can change suddenly when you are moving locally or long distance, and your local moving company here in Oklahoma City knows that changes to your move are sometimes out of your control. If you need to change […]

I realize quite often how useful it is to keep a daily journal. A diary, a log, a notebook… whatever you call it, the advantages are numerous. Keeping a log of your days’ events is a great way to get to know yourself better, and to hold on to little memories that your brain might […]

We are Oklahoma City professional movers! We work fast, efficient, and will provide you with the best relocation service. While preparing for a move can be a difficult task, the choice of a professional moving company can significantly reduce your workload—as well as your stress level. We know that moving can be a stressful time. […]

The end of the month was just here, and it never fails… Customers call at the end of the month and ask if we can move them… Usually because the Oklahoma City Mover they booked with never showed up! This was said by the owner of our location… “We also want to warn customers of […]

Welcome 2009! Now that it is a New Year it is a new year of opportunity to make new and returning customers happy! It’s the way we move our customers like it’s our own families that makes us your number one choice as an Oklahoma City mover!

It’s time to move, and the holidays are right around the corner! You can pack your belongings yourself – or you can have your local Oklahoma City movers do it. If you are packing yourself – try to use the original boxes for your electronics. Some items require special attention, for example – Plasma Televisions are […]

Hello Oklahoma City! Some people ask me what is the main benefit of storing your belongings with me… It is simple because there is more than one benefit. Our storage is in a climate controlled environment. The fact that we do an inventory of your belongings – so you know what you have stored with […]

So in my last blogs I gave you some helpful tips on packing… Now I want to share with you just a couple of touching stories of people that I was able to help out with. These are just a couple of great examples of how your Oklahoma City movers helped out! The first story is […]

So it’s time to move… you think you’ve got everything covered, the packing, forwarding your address, the Oklahoma movers… did you remember to transfer your utilities? On top of having all of your moving needs taken care of we’ve made your move one step easier – with – they are our concierge service that […]